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Here is a look at what youth are working on in Kansas City. We want to take some time to share some of the amazing youth we have learned about in the last year!

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Our Mission: The movement is dedicated to advocating for immigration reform and the rights of immigrants within the United States. The crushing effect of America’s broken immigration system is shadowed upon families each day. The United States has been a nation built on the works of immigrants and with this student-led campaign, we built powerful voices to speak out about the injustice immigrants face. Immigrants continuously bring success and fortune to our country to help it flourish and yet, many are kept in legal custody despite their connections, deep roots, and contributions to our country. Immigration reform will recognize the role immigrants play in our country.

Reform will bring immigrants into our society so they can live their American stories. They are more than workers and a source of economic prosperity. Immigrants are our neighbors, friends, classmates, and members of our society and nation.

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Concrete Wall

GirlsLead KC

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Instagram: @girlslead.kc


The goal of GirlsLeadKC is to ultimately help bridge the gap between female representation in government and politics, but we do this by starting with teen girls. They want to inspire teenage girls and give them the tools they need to pursue a career in politics, like leadership, confidence, public speaking, and making connections.


They successfully carried out our first workshop in August 2021 with over 35 attendees! In this workshop the young women learned about and did activities relating to our four core values, including engaging with a speaker panel of local female government officials as well as a Q&A with them.


They are currently planning another workshop in March 2022 with Lincoln Preparatory Academy, and are so excited for what comes next!

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